Serving European, Oriental and Vietnamese cuisines, is an ideal location for your Wedding, Birthday and Conference Party.

Location: Ground Floor

  • Seating capacity : 300 guests
  • Operation hours : 6:00h – 22:00h

– 10% off for in-house guests.


  • From 6h30 to 9h00
  • Variety of menu : Egg station,cold cut, many kinds of bread and jams, Vietnamese Noodle,Soup by day,Vietnamese coffee and fresh tropical juice station.

SET MENU for 1 Or 2 guests for Lunch and Dinner

From price: 99.000 VND/ guest with soup, meat, fish, vegetable,steam rice and dessert

Wedding Celebration Program

Variety of menus from 2.990.000 VND per table of 10 seats with outstanding offer to couple.

Menu 1
Seaweed seafood salad and Sugarcane wrapped by prawn
Sea cucumber and scallop Soup
Steam whole chicken with mushroom and mustard leave
Sauteed prawn and squid by Sichuan Style
Stir fire noodle Singapore Style
Fresh tropical fruit platter
Menu 2
Jellyfish and chicken salad + Deep fried scallop
Asparagus chicken soup
Grilled Pork rib with honey and dumpling
Steamed Sea bass fillet Guangdong Style
Scallop and bacon fried rice in pineapple
Singapore grape and longan jelly

Price: 3.700.000 VND/ per table of 10 guests

Menu 1
Coconut heart salad, Baby Pork rib Royal style, Deep fried Calamari
Abalone and squid soup
Roasted sucking pig and sticky rice
Grilled tiger prawn in wasabi and mix salad
Stewed Ox tail hot pot and noodle
Menu 2
Vermicelli seafood Korean salad, crab spring roll, roasted chicken wing
Sour and spicy seafood soup Hongkong style
Sauteed whole sea bass without bone in five spices sauce
Stewed whole chicken with lotus seed and noodle
ThaiLan hot pot
Singapore jelly with peach


Restaurant is suitable for wedding, birthday, company parties and anniversary celebration…

A cozy restaurant is located 8th floor with a nice view to see whole the green park and the city view with lighting in the night time.To enjoy elegant atmosphere for our restaurant setup and wonderful food to created by experience Chef

  • Location : 8th floor.
  • Seating capacity : 140 guests.
  • Operation hours : 6:00 h – 22:00 h
  • Professional and experience staff.
  • Variety of menus from 2.560.000 VND per table of 10 guests.
  • Buffet (min 50 guests) : 270.000 VND/guest.
  • Karaoke: 320.000 VND/h.